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European Art Cinema Day - 15th October 2017 - Call for Participation

The European Art Cinema Day (EACD) which will take place on Sunday 15th October 2017!

Launched successfully in 2016 by the CICAE (International Confederation of Arthouse Cinemas) in partnership with Europa Cinemas, more than 300 cinemas all over Europe took part in last year’s very first Edition! For more information:

By participating in this event as Europa Cinemas Network Member, each of you will have the opportunity to actively highlight your identity and your European convictions to the public as well as the media. Use this opportunity to create an event in your theatre: previews, debates with audiences, special screenings and activities for young audiences. Take advantage of the initiative to promote your membership of the “arthouse movement” (you may be member of a national cinema association linked to the CICAE) and the Europa Cinemas Network by making original choices in terms of the films and activities you are offering.

What makes your film theatre(s) distinctive is that they clearly display their European focus in terms of their programming - dedicated to European films, mostly non-national - and activities in the areas of promotion and innovation aiming at increasing audiences for these films.

Outside the walls of your own film theatre, the EACD will showcase on a European as on a international level the cultural diversity of European productions as well as the everyday commitment of your cinemas to championing demanding and original programming for all audiences.


1. PROMOTION TRAILER: to help you promote your own EACD, Europa Cinemas is currently producing a trailer (duration: max. 40 seconds) which will be available for download around mid September. Please screen it a few weeks before 15th October 2017 in order to highlight your participation at the European Art Cinema Day, your cinema and your activities!

2. ARTWORK: we’ll provide a set of artwork and marketing materials which will be also available for  download. Please feel free to use them for your online or print marketing tools and to include your own info and logo.