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10/Nov/2017 - 30/Dic/2017

BPM, Western and Sámi Blood get simultaneous screenings all over Europe

Three days of simultaneous screenings have been organised for the LUX Prize Official Competition movies, and viewers will be actively involved in a variety of ways.

Twenty-eight countries, more than 50 cities, subtitles in the 24 official EU languages, three films and only one winner. These are the figures for the LUX Prize Official Competition, a project that has spawned the LUX Film Days, aimed at bringing Europe together in the name of cinema. The competition also involves three simultaneous screenings of the films in the running in different European countries. Moreover, a Q&A session will follow every screening. People will be able to ask questions live via Facebook, on the LUX account, and via the LUX channel on YouTube. Viewers will also play an active role in deciding the winner of the LUX Prize Audience Mention, casting their ballot for the feature they enjoyed the most. Click here for more information about the vote.

Yesterday, Robin Campillo’s BPM (Beats Per Minute) [+] had its simultaneous screening, which took place in the cities of Amsterdam, Ghent, Rijeka, Tartu, Bari, Krakow, Presov, Kosice and Stockholm.

Today, it’s the turn of Western [+] by Valeska Grisebach. Its screenings are scheduled for 7:30 pm (Brussels time), and the Q&A streaming will start two hours later, at 9:31 pm. This time, the cities taking part in the event will be Brussels, Rijeka, Copenhagen, Odense, Tartu, Dublin, Bari, Krakow, Presov and Kosice.

The last screenings will be the ones of director Amanda Kernell’s Sámi Blood [+]. Audiences in Brussels, Graz, Sofia, Osijek, Tallinn, Braunschweig, Dusseldorf, Athens, Florence, Vilnius, Cluj, Santiago de Compostela and Newcastle upon Tyne will be able to watch this film from 7:00 pm (Brussels time), and can ask their questions from 9:02 pm.

The name of the LUX Prize Audience Mention winner will be unveiled at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival on 1 July 2018.

For the complete agenda of screenings, including the simultaneous ones, please click here.